Guy Massi and his staff have played invaluable key athletic development and guidance roles for myself and my clients.

Kevin Fitzpatrick

NFL Player Agent, KBD Sports

I’ve been in the fitness and nutrition business for nearly three decades. Although I have some of my very own personal training clients, I refer group fitness, and all of my sports athletes to M2 Speed, Strength & Performance. They are quite literally the authority in Athletic Development and Sports Performance Training. All of the athletes I refer have developed and exceeded beyond expectations.M2 Speed, Strength & Performance is an invaluable industry partner and resource.

Anthony Bisignano

Foundation Rx Nutrition and Supplements

“Guy Massi and his squad at M2 Speed, Strength & Performance are elite resources in the fitness and performance industry, which is why we trust him as a valued Perform Better content provider, presenter and subject material expert.” 

Chris Poirier

General Manager, Perform Better Fitness/Training Education & Equipment

“As far as injury reduction, return-to-play, fitness, speed, and athletic performance; the staff at M2 Speed, Strength & Performance are expert and trusted colleagues.”

Dr. Arthur Pidorano

M.D., Orthopedic & Sports Specialist

“I have been playing and coaching volleyball for over 35 years.  During those years, I have trained beginners to All-Americans and have seen and worked with several training philosophies.    After working with M2, I realized a new level of training.  M2 is recognized by many leaders in fitness and performance as outstanding innovators of training and athletic development.    From my experience working with M2 and their training of over 250 -300 athletes a year at our program, I consider them to be speed, agility, fitness, and athletic performance gurus!  The dedication and guidance offered by M2 to our athletes showed significant gains in performance with ZERO training-related injuries!  I strongly recommend M2 to any athlete of youth, high school, college, or professional levels that is serious about setting goals, and achieving peak performance!  If this is you, then M2 is for you!” 

Daniel Altro

Co-Director, Technical Director , Downstate Juniors VBC

“I have been involved in the Strength and Conditioning Coaching field since the early 1980s’ and currently serve on the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) written exam board. I make it a practice of attending professional meetings and clinics each year to stay on top of the ever-changing body of knowledge in exercise science and have heard Guy Massi speak on many occasions. I greatly appreciate his innovative approach to training athletes. Coach Massi  appreciates the tried and true methods of training while being up on the cutting edge technology to produce bigger, stronger, faster, and more athletic players year in and year out.” 

Tony Caterisano

PhD, FACSM, Professor of Health Sciences, Furman University

“Guy Massi is the standard of the elite training minds.  He can quickly, safely, and maximally take anyone, at any level to their maximal potentiation! I personally consult with him on a regular basis!” 

David Abernethy

MSCC, Co-Founder Tsunami Barbell, Director of Sales & Education for Total Strength & Speed/Williams Strength/Tsunami Bar Sports, LLC, Tsunami Bar

“Guy massi and his team at M2 Speed, Strength & Performance are not only cutting edge, leaders in their industry; but they truly thrive off seeing their clients succeed.  I not only consider them a great business partner but also a friend” 

Jamie Harvie

Director of International Summits & Speakers, Perform Better

“For my YouTube show, Strength Coach TV, I get to travel to gyms around the country to film and tour the facility, then sit down with the owners to discuss the fitness business and training.  We have visited and filmed over 65 gyms, and I can say without a doubt that M2 Speed, Strength & Performance (also known as Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning) is a well-oiled machine that truly understands not just the science but; the art of coaching.  Coaches Guy, Craig, Matt, and the entire team know their stuff.  These guys put their heart, and soul into training and developing athletes, home-force, and workforce clients of all ages, both inside and outside of the gym.  They have also built an amazing physical medicine team to support their holistic approach that keeps evolving, and provides for their relevancy and position, as the leading edge of fitness, and athletic performance. They quite literally have “been there, done that, and are STILL doing it” – keeping them as leaders in the industry.  Highly recommended!”

Anthony Renna

CEO and author of "Be Like The Best", continuefit.com


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