Flexible barbell, velocity lifting and oscillation training. Managing impact forces, and Mitigating torsion to avoid shear via proper biomechanics.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry; We speak the language.

Apply the “code” necessary to fortify muscles, tendons and ligaments, and develop the ability to persistently and instinctually seek positions of advantage during game play, while becoming a more durable athlete/person.

Although there is currently no way to completely eliminate the possibility of injury, our methodology considers many factors in creating a more injury resistant athlete/person.


Pro●ac●tive: to initiate, create or control a situation. The opposite of Reactive.

Training within our proactive methodology that revolves around both Performance AND Longevity offers comprehensive, built-in, and ever-evolving injury reduction protocols.

These protocols intentionally train the brain-body to persistently seek positions of balance, anatomical safety and advantage; with the goal of preserving the musculature, head, joints, and critical ligaments, while considering the imperative factors that may lead to performance risks.


Our revolutionary training, utilization, and application of the game-changing Tsunami Bar- flexible barbell, fosters the flexibility, elasticity, contractility, and neuromuscular response capacities necessary to more effectively navigate, withstand, and dissipate impact, while developing a greater degree of resiliency.

Tsunami Barbell training is a key element to elevating musculoskeletal and neuromuscular system proficiency in building speed, strength, power, balance and agility – while promoting the development of the inter and intramuscular coordination essential to the overall performance requirement of; Dynamic Capacity.

As within our overall methodology, we employ a formula of manageable volumes and concentrations in order to defend against avoidable exposure risk.

– Pioneering a New Breed of Performance Athlete – 




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