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With influence from industry relevant practice, Coach Massi has invested decades into researching and applying proven and evolving strength & conditioning and performance principles. This hard work has yielded programs relevant to practically every sport and varying levels of client fitness needs.

By infusing actual field experience, experimentation processes and proven results, a revolutionary methodology platform for athletic development and functional fitness emerged thru the creation of the Hypernova Athletic Development & Functional Fitness System(c). These principles have been successfully applied and continue to be infused into all of our programming, in conjunction with the base principles of function, fitness, strength and conditioning.

In essence, the entirety of the methodology’s concentration is to promote both Performance AND Longevity. To this day, Coach Massi maintains accountability relationships with mentors from various physical medicine specialties including orthopedic, physical therapy and chiropractic, as well as that of the ongoing key collaboration and guidance with and by Dr. Anthony Caterisano, Professor of Health Science/Exercise Physiology & Research at Furman University.

Take a look at just some of the methodology’s curriculum, modules and principles:

In a broader focus on strength and power training as it pertains to sports and fitness; our system addresses Strength, Power and Larger Plyometric Movement demands training through signature specificity of training, periodization, and undulation cycles. Benchmarks and feedback response to strength and power progressions and protocols serve to feed our clients excelling above and beyond imaginable objectives. Cyclic Oscillatory Power Progressions© (COPP) are also integrated into this strength and power curriculum.
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Its protocols and progressions for Game Speed & Testing Performance redefines the idea of speed in all angles and directions. The program and its progressions focus on the fact that it is more than just putting force into the ground that makes one fast. It is actually: putting the most possible force into the ground, efficiently and at the highest rate of exchange while moving in a given direction. Elements such as form, plyometric progressions, postural efficiency. foot strike. acceleration, deceleration and creating. borrowing and lending explosive force are examined and put into practical application in order to develop positive speed propulsion strategies.

The Playing Dynamically Quick Agility Progression System focuses on the necessity of mastering foundational agility movements and applying them to signature progressions that lend to lighting quick movements, explosive omni-directional game play quickness and changes of direction. Beyond the typical “first step” reference, PDQ examines the initial proactive response and the initial reactive response associated with visual recognition. Additionally, integrated visual, audio and physical cuing strategies are integrated to develop the micro and macro plyometric movements associated with developing controlled, powerful, and decisive agility.

A series of integrated resistance protocols and sequences designed to address physiological and CNS conditioning, and the sudden neuro-muscular demands placed upon motor units during sport and/or training. SURGE addresses the power and neuro-muscular response required to go from idle, near-idle or “coasting” into complete explosive demand for performance. Additionally, inter-related micro and macro plyometrics utilized for speed, agility, balance. proprioception. spatial orientation and stimuli processing are also integrated. SURGE training’s mental conditioning aspect also prepares athletes to cross difficult emotional thresholds to perform safely and efficiently in the face of challenges.

Recognizes the philosophy surrounding energy, endurance, and recovery rates in sport as it pertains to the energy systems and ATP. TEST utilizes sequences of known tempos and cadences in frames of play in order to better prepare an athlete for appropriate physiological response. TEST training employs integrated protocols that condition a given sport or activity’s required frames of energy system utilization, breathing control and “switching and re-entry” phenomena necessary for superior competition performance and success.

Addresses the requirements associated with functional fitness, pre-hab, mobility, functional movement and training preparation. Through its component protocols and quantifiable marker systems, it promotes more efficient movement in sport. work and life. Included in this system are the Movement Quality Rating System© (MQRS) and the Movement Risk Assessment Matrix© (MRAM).

Independent Suspension Training is the load/no load movement progression system designed to develop mastery and power in the independently occurring anatomical movements in sport. This system focuses upon identifying the related progression of kinetic chains during movements at the neural, musculoskeletal and neuro-muscular levels required to achieve total anatomical command and prowess in your sport (also known as “Functional Harmony”). This training aims to make proper. controlled, powerful and efficient sports related movement of primary nature to the athlete. The spheres of balance, proprioception, kinesthesia, sport specific and multi-plane movements (hyper-planing) are integrated into our protocols.