Massi-Machado Take on Germany!

Oct 28th, 2017

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Massi-Machado Take on Germany!

Just weeks after presenting at the Perform Better Summit at the Rhode Island Convention Center, Coach Massi packed his bags and headed off to Germany with the next generation of MMSC, while Coach Machado stayed back to man the home front.  Accompanied by his son/video & schedule coordinator, Matthew Massi, Coach Massi brought his methods for speed, power, oscillation, amplitude and dynamic capacity training to our friends in Germany.  Five training and development presentations were made during a four day romp of cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Mannheim and the likes.  Such prestigious audiences included Hamburg HSV professional soccer (futbol) team, the Adler-Mannheim professional ice hockey team and the German Olympic men’s field hockey team. Focusing on applications utilizing the TsunamiBar, Coach Massi was revitalized to challenge himself and the MMSC crew to continually raise their own bar.  Back in the states, Coach Massi commented, “It’s great to travel, learn, teach and expand the footprint of MMSC; but there is certainly no place like home.  I’m so grateful that we are able to bring a level of training to our community that is recognized internationally, yet available locally.  It’s awesome to be part of such a loyal and growing fitness and athletic development family.”  As for the MMSC home front, Coach Macahado reported that all is well!

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