Massi-Machado Director Brings Thunder to Tsunami Conference

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Massi-Machado Director Brings Thunder to Tsunami Conference

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Columbia, South Carolina – Coach Massi’s recent engagement as an expert speaker at the first of many upcoming Tsunamibar seminars proved to be a invaluable platform for information and learning, amidst a “celebrity cast” of speakers and attendees. As one of three expert speakers, he was received by and presented to a legendary and accomplished audience of attendees that included; Mike Gentry (recently retired Virginia Tech head of strength & conditioning), Tony Caterisano, Ph.d (Professor of Exercise Physiology at Furman University), Ethan Reeve (strength & conditioning coordinator for Wake Forest) and many other notable professionals from the field of strength and conditioning.  Coach Massi presented on his years of practical field research and development with oscillation, speed, amplitude and stabilization training for athletes, rehab patients and fitness clients.
Coach Massi stated, “What a humbling experience!  I was honored to present to a room full of such accomplished professionals.  It was certainly refreshing to witness a group of my peers embrace my ideas and appreciate, rather than alienate.  The Tsunamibar technology has certainly changed the game of strength and conditioning, and will continue to gain momentum. I feel as if it was custom made in response to my work with Cyclic Oscilatory Power Progressions.  It has added an invaluable dynamic to my athletic development, fitness & strength and conditioning system.”
Coach Massi walked attendees through a journey regarding his body of work with this type of training, fitness and sports specific applications, as well as a plethora of programming integration for all sports, fitness and rehab demographics as it pertains to the Tsunamibar products.  His appearance and presentation was received with rousing appreciation, and left attendees eager to see what him and his team will continue to develop in the field.
Anyone interested in changing their performance and life through the use of Tsunamibar, are encouraged to contact one of our team members.

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