MACHINE FREE ZONE – (Because it’s right!)

Nature intended us to move, and move frequently. This is why training should be as functional as possible. Building and complimenting command of our daily movements. Aside from very severe anatomical limitations; machines should be avoided at all costs.

  • Machines only serve to provide a false, yet “luxurious” stability platform during a time when we should be encouraging overall mobility and developing complimentary stability.
  • Machines generally position your body to isolate muscles and joints from their counterparts, and only serve to remove the major or minor coordinated stability requirement found in real-life movement. This is why we DO NOT have any type of machine that devalues your function or mobility, depreciates your stability, and/or leads to eventual biomechanical (movement) decompensation.
  • If sitting at a desk all day is proven to compromise mobility and stability, as well as contribute to painful body conditions; how much more might the negative effects be compounded by sitting or relying completely on supported machine exercises during the majority of your work outs?

Become comfortably – uncomfortable!