Dedrick J. Clark – World Record Holder Sprinter

Coach Guy Massi of Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning has been highly instrumental to me as a friend, mentor and coach. His expertise has led to the revamping of my sprint training programming and preparation for National and International track & field competitions. With his help, I was able to regain my USATF 400m title in Masters level competition and post a world top 10 time in the 60m. Definitely a world class type of Guy.

Dedrick J. Clark – USA World Class Sprinter & owner of Beast Built Athletics

MASSI-MACHADO Strength & Conditioning is a terrific facility full of dedicated professionals. They recognized my needs and were willing to work with me in my strength and conditioning program.

CJ Riefenhauser – Pitcher. Tampa Bay Rays. Team USA.

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Guy Massi and his staff have played invaluable key athletic development and guidance roles for myself and my clients.

Kevin Fitzpatrick – NFL Player Agent. KBD Sports.

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Guy Massi and the staff at Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning are trusted and reliable industry professional experts in their field.

Phil Esposito, Coach of the champion Danbury Whalers and newly formed Danbury Titans – Professional Ice Hockey Team

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I’ve been in the fitness and nutrition business for nearly two decades. Although I have some of my very own personal training clients, I refer group fitness and all of my sport athletes to Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning. They are quite literally the authority in Athletic Development and Sports Performance Training. All of the athletes I refer have developed and exceed beyond expectations. Massi-Machado Strength E. Conditioning is an invaluable industry partner and resource.

Anthony Bisignano – Docs Nutrition Depot