Athlete Profile: Matthew “Matteo” Martinez

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Athlete Profile: Matthew “Matteo” Martinez

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Hailing from Portchester NY, Matthew “Matteo” Martinez has been a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, coach, and competitor since 2010, when he first started training under Jojo Guarin at East Coast United Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (ECUBJJ) He saw a good amount of competitive success as a White, Blue, and Purple Belt; but it’s been as a Brown Belt that Matteo has seen himself rise to prominence as one of the top competitors in New York. With successful showings at IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) competitions, as well as in smaller local tournaments, Matteo found himself on a tear, but still felt something was lacking from his game: Sports Performance Training.  A student of the game, Matteo realized that despite his intensive skill work, he was still getting tired during the latter portions of his high level matches. He also felt that he could benefit from gaining more strength and explosive power; especially considering that he competes in the 185lb range. It’s with this in mind that he approached Coach Craig Machado about joining the team at Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning.

Now the ECUBJJ instructor finds himself training alongside some of the best athletes in Westchester County New York, and admits that he saw the positive affects of his training almost immediately, “Literally two weeks after I began training with Coach Machado and Coach Guy Massi, I competed in and won a tournament. On the mat, at times when I used to feel like I was having to dig deep just to stay active, I was feeling strong and stable, and like I had plenty left in the tank.” Matteo gets out to the Peekskill facility two-three times a week because of his busy training schedule, where he trains his strength, lateral speed, sport specific conditioning, balance, and agility. One of the rare athletes who doesn’t require a ton of dietary help, Matteo eats a diet high in meat. vegetables, and healthy fats; he stays away from gluten and most inflammatory foods.

Matteo continues to strive towards excellence in both his sports and personal life, and is prime example of the dedication and heart that it takes to compete in a combat sport.

(For more information on training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Westchester, visit the ECUBJJ Website Here.)

Coach Craig Machado is Co-Owner of Massi-Machado Stength & Conditioning in Peekskill, White Plains, and Brewster New York. He and Coach Guy Massi work with clients and athletes all over Westchester and Putnam County New York and the surrounding areas.

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