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We are highly skilled, industry recognized professional Strength & Conditioning, Fitness and Sports Performance Specialists with access to industry-network physical therapy and chiropractic resources, possessing over a century of combined athletic development, fitness and preventive intervention experience that design relevant programming to assist you to excel in your sport, work and life! – “Greatness is forged, not fabricated

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Guy M. Massi, SSC, SCS, CES, CFSC, CTBS, CSSN (Director of Operations, Athletic & Curricular Development)

Greatness is forged, not fabricated”

Guy Massi is a former competitive athlete and the husband and father to a household of competitive athletic boys of his own, currently competing at various levels youth thru collegiate. More than twenty years ago, he started the individual performance coaching of athletes and clients part-time as a way to supplement his income and is now a locally, nationally and internationally recognized speaker, trainer and coach. In his more than two decades in the field, he has been developing athletes and fitness clients of all ages and levels, and has or now serves as an industry resource to many local and national athletes, teams and organizations including yet not limited to; NFL player agent Kevin Fitzpatrick, the Hong Kong National Ice Hockey Team & Academy program director, FHL Hockey, Tsunami Bar and many others. More than merely understanding the physiological requirements associated with developing performance in athletes and clients, he is truly a master of recognizing and nurturing the emotional component. Suffering the loss of both of his parents by the time he was 18, Coach Massi has turned various challenges into victories, and has learned the art of perseverance. Guy said, “Due to seemingly insurmountable challenges in my teenage years, I once ballooned to over 300 pounds – and it was all emotional! I had two options; either succumb to defeat, or overcome and serve as an example to others. – I chose option 2”.

He is the author and keynote facilitator of the HyperNova Athletic Development & Functionall Fitness System© bearing inclusive curricula for speed, strength and power, agility, balance and mobility, functional fitness, explosiveness, proprioception, and energy system training. He is a pioneer in maximizing fitness and athletic development within systematic and programmatic time constraints thru the use of signature protocols and methodologies. He is a persistent learner and routinely works with doctors and physical therapists in rehabilitating athletes and clients, and specializes in medically indicated and supervised Return-to-Play programs. He is hungry for knowledge and maintains industry relevance thru continuing education and writing for peer review. Coach Massi states, “I’ve learned from my own mistakes and ‘failed experiments’ and thusly remain in a constant state of learning. I believe I’ve found what foundationally works for building superior athletes and clients, and believe in meeting people where they’re at – then challenging them above and beyond what they ever thought they might accomplish. One thing that is a constant however; nothing substitutes for persistent, diligent effort – also known as HARD WORK! Really, at the end of the day we are developing future moms, dads, husbands, wives and professionals or reinforcing one’s current responsibilities and obligations. The performance development aspect is second nature at this point, while the greatest challenge can be my primary goal of; actively lending to the development of contributory members of society who excel in sport, work and life.”

  • Undergraduate Studies at SUNY Westchester & Cortland State University
  • Certified Specialist in Strength & Conditioning and Sports Conditioning Specialist
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)
  • Certified Tsunami Bar Specialist (CTBS)
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (Prescriptive Performance Nutrition)
  • Adaptive Agility & Keiser Sports Movements Specialty
  • Board of Advisors for Tsunami Bar
  • Various Phases of Football, Baseball and Hockey coaching & playing experience
  • Martial Artist & Creator of Awareness & Preservation Training © (A.P.T.)
  • Creator and keynote facilitator of the HyperNova Athletic Development & Functional Fitness System ©
  • Former Physical Training Director & now Consultant to United States Air Force Auxiliary-033
  • Regular Article and Education Contributor to Perform Better/MF Athletic,, On Target Publications & Paramount Hockey


Craig W. Machado, CPT, CFSC, CTBS (Assistant Director of Operations. Director of Fitness & Programming)

“Keep your head up, your chin down and keep moving forward.” Coach Machado has been a rising star in our strength & conditioning, sports performance and fitness industry for years now. He is a Certified Personal Trainer.,Certified Functional Strength Coach, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Functional Movement Screen certified. He is most notably a former title holding Mixed Martial Artist whose work ethic and commitment to his own training caught the eye of his mentor, personal strength and conditioning coach, and now business associate, Guy Massi. On his own since a young age, Craig has turned his experience in surmounting life challenges towards lending to the overall development of his clients and athletes. Once joined with Coach Massi. Craig quickly assimilated into the training systems and now coordinates the programming related to Fitness and Sports Performance Class. His recent collaboration with Coach Guy Massi has yielded an industry leading Movement Quality Rating System() (MORS) and Movement Risk Assessment Matrix© (MRAM). Craig has spent time in clinicals working with doctors and physical therapists rehabilitating athletes of all ages and levels, and continues to build his CEUs through Nutritional and Strength and Conditioning certifications. In 2012, he spent six months training in Thailand, where was exposed to different perspectives on fitness, performance and functional training. He remains dedicated to serving our clients and athletes through programming, classes and personal training, and continues to develop programs to better serve our market. Coach Machado is a key part of our collegiate and professional on-location travel trainers team. Craig resides in Putnam County NY and is a husband, and a proud father to both a son and “Special Agent Johnny Utah” (his pit-bull mix dog).

  • ■ ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
  • ■ Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)
  •   Certified Tsunami Bar Specialist (CTBS)
  • ■ Certified Sports Nutrition
  • ■ Certified FMS (Functional Movement Screen)
  • ■ Mixed Marital Artist & Kickboxing Instructor
  • ■ MMA Featherweight Champion
  • ■ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt Holder & Instructor
  • ■ Sports Movements Level 1 Certified



Matthew G. Cascioli, Physical Therapist (Owner of Haven Physical Therapy, PLLC)

Matthew is a licensed Physical Therapist and the owner of Haven Physical Therapy, PLLC.  He and his practice is an industry-network resource who may provide any necessary collaborative oversight and/or guidance in matters concerning the crossover into return-to-play, throwing, return-to-work, or any other specialized programming not of a direct physical therapy treatment nature. He is a recognized movement and kinetic function specialist with a particular knowledge of Kettle Bell Programming and Neuro-Muscular Demand training. Matthew has more than 15 years of experience working in physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports medicine; treating high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. He is the owner of Haven Physical Therapy, PLLC and within his own practice serves to rehabilitate patients with a variety of functional impairments resultant to congenital disorders, surgeries, accidents, injuries, general deconditioning and/or neuro-muscular degradation. He is also a competitive, multiple medal-winning arm wrestler.

  • Bachelor of Science, Pace University
  • Master of Physical Therapy. Chapman University
  • Certified Tsunami Bar Specialist
  • Certified Instructor of Progressive Fighting Systems
  • Competitive Martial Artist & Hockey Player
  • Physical Therapist to The American Academy of Ballet
  • Physical Therapist to Extreme Force All-Stars competition cheer teams
  • New York Arm Wrestling Practice Director


Dr. Konstantinos “Gus” Sofos, DC (Owner of Sofos/KGS Chiropractic, PLLC):

Dr. Sofos is a licensed Chiropractor and the owner of Sofos/KGS Chiropractic, PLLC.  He and his practice is an industry-network resource who may provide any necessary collaborative oversight and/or guidance in matters concerning the crossover into return-to-activities phases of training not of a direct chiropractic treatment nature.  Dr. Sofos is a recognized chiropractic and wellness practitioner with a particular knowledge in functional movement, motion palpation and body system balance. He has spent more than 15 years in a therapeutic and sports medicine environment helping and rehabilitating high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. He is the owner of Sofos/KGS Chiropractic, PLLC and within his practice serves to rehabilitate athletes and patients suffering from a variety of functional and/or spinal impairments.

  • Life Chiropractic College West
  • New York Chiropractic Council
  • Nationally recognized wellness speaker
  • Motion palpation specialist
  • Certified Tsunami Bar Specialist

Casey Cassone, LMT, CFSC (Owner of Massage-2-Motion, LLC)

After years as a Mechanical Engineer, Casey decided that he would rather be helping people hands-on. Now an “anatomical engineer” Casey states, “Luckily, I got injured in a Martial Arts class and this led me to start directing my engineer-style analyzation techniques towards fixing the human body”. After graduating from a university for massage, Casey discovered how competent he was at truly helping people through a combination of massage, stretching and exercise. Becoming certified in the most scientifically based Manual Therapy system available, obtaining a Certified Functional Strength Coach designation and receiving personal mentorship from Coach Guy Massi; Casey continues to develop a results driven style that incorporates sports and orthopedic-type modalities.

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)
  • Functional Range Release Therapist (Full Body)
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
  • Functional Range Assessment Specialist

The above is a list of industry-network resources that are immediately accessible and regularly consulted in an effort to maintain industry relevancy, integrity and accountability.

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