A Little Friday Inspiration

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A Little Friday Inspiration

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Listen folks, we can talk all day about strength & conditioning and sports performance, but that’s not always necessary, Sometimes we need to remember that there’s a lot more to an athlete than just what his or her body becomes capable of. We need to remember that a huge part of optimizing speed, power, stability, agility, and movement exists in a form that really can’t be measured at a combine. We need to realize that one of the most valuable things that a strength & conditioning coach can instill in an athlete is on the mental end of things. It’s what has come to be known as one of the great “intangibles” of sport: Toughness. So with that said, let’s get some inspiration from Stanley Cup Winner and Olympic Gold Medalist Duncan Keith…


At Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning, we believe that our job doesn’t end when the athlete has muscles or runs a faster forty. We believe that it ends, and begins, with the athletes mind; we hope you enjoyed today’s brain fuel.


Coach Craig Machado is Co-Owner of Massi-Machado Stength & Conditioning in Peekskill, White Plains, and Brewster New York. He and Coach Guy Massi work with clients and athletes all over Westchester and Putnam County New York and the surrounding areas.

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